Things You should know About e-wallet

If you start purchasing cryptocurrencies, you will require a wallet. It will allow you storing your cryptocurrency, but also to send, obtain, purchase or sell it. However, you will find several types and you may have some difficulty finding your way around and making your choice.

How to get a wallet online

If you opt for a classic e-wallet, you need to register and download it. However, some software can be quite heavy since it contains the entire blockchain. For the installation, you will simply have to follow the different steps of the installation.

Some interesting features

However, some online wallets offer features that can provide real added value. For example, several online wallets offer a mobile phone version that will allow you to use it even on the go. However, smartphone apps are generally not as secure as the desktop version.

What you must remember

  • Before getting a wallet online, you need to choose the type of wallet you want.
  • It is quite simple to install and handle, especially if you are using a multi-purpose platform.
  • Remember to take a look at the different functions available on some wallets.

How it works?

Choosing between an online or offline cryptocurrency wallet will greatly depend on how you use your cryptocurrency. If you want to keep your cryptocurrency, you might prefer to use it offline while if you do regular transactions, you may prefer to use it online.

However, whichever you choose, we recommend that you reserve a computer that will only be used for transactions and storage of your cryptocurrency. For online use, you will also need to fully secure access to your wallet. From this perspective, the two-factor identification option is a very attractive protection solution. Regarding offline use, you can do this in two ways:

Simple portfolios

These are wallets that will only allow you to store one cryptocurrency. But they are very complete since you can for example download the entire blockchain. These are usually the official cryptocurrency wallets, which ensures you have a simple wallet. To find the official wallet of the cryptocurrency you want to use, just download it from the official website of the cryptocurrency in question.